Refund Policy Change

Due to Coronavirus complications in conducting business , The Golf Desk is going to the following

Temporary Policy:

All refunds on existing booked trips will be refunded in the form of credit on future travel getaways. This credit does not expire and does not have a window of which it has to be used! This is the best way for you and your group to not incur any fees!

“It is with all of our Patience and Togetherness. Once the Landscape of the travel industry clears we can revisit and return to the past policies!”

Mark Stoneking

In the interest of best serving our clients we have the following policies in place.

Cancelling a trip prior to arrival and the 21 day advance full payment window – will incur:

  • $35 flat cancellation fee for all members of the scheduled outing

 Cancellation within the 21-day final payment window;

  • Could incur first nights’ accommodations rate.  Rare but can happen – so please give as much advance notice as you can.
  • $10 per round per person if the cancellation is made inside of 72 hour booking window – Again rare but can happen

 We at the Golf Desk are not in the business of charging unnecessary fees – we will use our weight and strength in the golf community to alleviate you and us of these imposed last minute fees from Accommodations providers and golf courses. So thanks for trusting us to get YOU the best outcome when it comes to the unfortunate cancelling of outings. We did a great job taking care of our guests this year of 2020 with the pandemic and all the confusion – there are ways to avoid charges and fees completely. Contact your golf director on these rescheduling and options in the event of cancellation.

 Thank You for all the golf played and your understanding as we all navigate our way around the course of life!

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